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Much like any other system in your vehicle, your brakes need to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis.


It doesn’t matter if you are coming to a short stop to avoid hitting something in the road, or if you are coming in slow and steady at a red light, you need your brakes to work.


When your brakes aren’t functioning as they should, it compromises your entire vehicle and puts your safety at risk. 


G-Man Automotive & Body Shop uses the best brake parts available in the aftermarket before opting for the dealer's parts.


We always use brake parts and materials that meet or exceed O.E. (Original Equipment) specifications.

The choice of brakes is 100% yours and we are happy to install the brakes you request.

You will receive a 1 year or 12,000 mile warranty for any brakes we install, including parts and labor. 

Brake pads

Healthy brake pads are a big part of a properly operating braking system. But with all the pressure they are under, they wear out with use and mileage. Brake pads should always be replaced on time in order to prevent brake failure or serious damage to your braking system.

We recommend Ceramic Brake Pads

  • Less (or no) brake dust

  • High heat resistance, which reduces "heat fade"

  • Quieter braking with less squeaking

  • Longer lasting than OEM brakes

Brake Flush

For safety and optimal braking, your brake system should be flushed every 2 to 3 years.


The benefits of a complete brake flush service from

G-Man Automotive include:  

  • Lubricates and increases the safe life of brake hoses, wheel cylinders, and calipers

  • Eliminates air pockets (which create poor braking and "fade")

  • Keeps your brake master cylinder fully functioning, while minimizing risk of failure


Free Visual Brake Inspection

We offer free visual brake inspections which will diagnose most brake problems. 

Do you experience any of the following:

  • Do you hear grinding or squealing noises? 

  • Is your car taking longer to come to a full stop?

  • Does the car shake or vibrate when stopping?

  • Do your brakes "fade" when you apply the brake? (you feel the pressure on the pedal decrease)


These could be signs of something serious or your brakes nearing the end of their life.


If you notice these issues or any other changes in braking behavior, it is time to call

G-Man Automotive & Body Shop. 


Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Let our brake experts take a look!
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