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Wheel alignment is generally overlooked by most drivers, however it’s critical to getting the most out of your tire investment. By getting a wheel alignment it’ll put the stop to the “pulling” one side or the other, improve tire life, and provide better traction on the road, increase gas mileage and safer driving.


Wheel alignment plays a major role for more monthly expenses so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


We will also inspect not only your wheel alignment but as well as your suspension system and tires.


A squeaky back and bouncy car, indicates your suspension system may need to be fixed. We can replace CV joints, ball joints, tire rods, coil springs, shocks, struts and sway bar links. We can do it all and help you drive longer and smoother.


We have certified technicians who work in all makes and models. We are partnered with towing service if needed with Superior Towing and Motor Towing.

Come by our shop and we'll get you fixed in no time!