European Cars

European Cars

We work on all makes and models, this includes foreign cars. We work on brakes, oil and alignment like any other vehicle as well as struts, springs, and shocks while speaking your language on price.

We hunt and find the best price and parts for your car that way you always have the best deal.

autel maxisys

Just because your car is foreign doesn’t mean it can’t be understood. We use the best Autel Maxisys to provide excellent diagnostic performance for your vehicle. 

Including our products brought to our store are made to keep quality standards and cost lower than from the dealer. We provide parts from [XL parts, O’Reilly, dealers, and after-market] or [different places locally in Houston and in some cases out of state] making sure it’s in stock and ready to be picked up and used for your vehicle needs.

At G-Man Automotive & Body Shop, we want your service to be as convenient as possible. 

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